I found an interesting podcast by Doc Pearson called Doc’s Computer Zone.  I listened to episode 2 called Doc’s Computer Zone Episode 102: Touching up photos with Photoshop, Podcasting, and Sci Fi DVDs.  It was really interesting.  Doc Pearson currently teaches several computer courses, and has previously worked in radio, tv and the newspaper business.  I chose this podcast because I want to learn as much as I can about technology, and this podcast, although relatively new, seems to cover new technologies with a bit of humor and most importantly, a sci-fi DVD review.  Isn’t that wonderful?  🙂  Anyway, this episode talked about how to edit old photos using Photoshop CS.  He talked a little about layers and how to use the healing brush tool as well as the clone stamp tool.   Next, he explained how to start your own podcast and mentioned a few hints like purchasing a quality microphone and using programs like Audacity and Quicktime Pro.   Lastly, he reviewed the sci-fi movie “Taken,”  which I really didn’t care for.  It was too scary.  I’m more of a LOTR fan.  


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