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I found an interesting podcast by Doc Pearson called Doc’s Computer Zone.  I listened to episode 2 called Doc’s Computer Zone Episode 102: Touching up photos with Photoshop, Podcasting, and Sci Fi DVDs.  It was really interesting.  Doc Pearson currently teaches several computer courses, and has previously worked in radio, tv and the newspaper business.  I chose this podcast because I want to learn as much as I can about technology, and this podcast, although relatively new, seems to cover new technologies with a bit of humor and most importantly, a sci-fi DVD review.  Isn’t that wonderful?  🙂  Anyway, this episode talked about how to edit old photos using Photoshop CS.  He talked a little about layers and how to use the healing brush tool as well as the clone stamp tool.   Next, he explained how to start your own podcast and mentioned a few hints like purchasing a quality microphone and using programs like Audacity and Quicktime Pro.   Lastly, he reviewed the sci-fi movie “Taken,”  which I really didn’t care for.  It was too scary.  I’m more of a LOTR fan.  


RSS Technology

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RSS technology is useful to me in many ways.  First, as a teacher, using RSS technology allows me and my students to view information from many interesting websites without visiting each and every website.  Next, if my students are blogging, I can keep track of all of their blogs by pulling them together using an aggregator (like Google Reader.)  Also, using RSS technology is great for anyone who is doing research as the feeds are always current and can keep the researcher informed of any new developments with regards to their research topic. 

I am using Google Reader and have subscribed to all of my classmates blogs.

New Technology

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I really do love technology even though I have not had the opportunity to use it much in my classroom.  We just do not have the funding.  However, I have seen how students react to technology, and witnessed first hand what technology can do in a classroom.  One of my best friends has a smartboard in his classroom, and he uses it everyday.  There are so many things you can do with a smartboard to enhance your students learning experience.  Now, smart technologies has  a new product called the “smart table interactive learning center.”  I would really love to have a smart table in my classroom!  I know they are really expensive, much more than a smart board, and I’m sure I won’t be getting one any time soon.  However, I think it would be wonderful to have access to one.  First, it is a small table, which is good because my room is very tiny.  Next, it accommodates up to 4 users, which is also good because I take groups of four when I teach reading.  Furthermore, there are 28 reading and language arts applications designed for the table for grades k-3, which are the grade levels I work with.  The applications cover interactive story time, phonemic awareness, parts of speech, rhyming words, alphabet skills, CVC/CVCC words, word sorts, word blends and various comprehension activities.   Lastly, I think the table would be great because it allows students to work collaboratively and would be a highly motivational tool in any classroom!


 Here is a link to the smart technologies website.