Reading Teachers that Blog

I found three blogs by reading teachers (two reading teachers and one children’s literature enthusiast) that I thought were really useful.  I decided to search for reading teacher blogs rather than pk-3 because I currently teach reading, and I believe that is the direction I am going in my profession.  I am currently working on my K-12 reading endorsement, and I think these blogs will be a great resource as I pursue this career path!

Julie Niles Petersen, Susan Stephenson and Jennifer Robinson are reading teachers that blog!

Julie blogs so she can share “TWRCs” (thoughts, wonders, reflections, and connections) about teaching reading to a wide variety of people.  She focuses her blogs on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, but she also talks about  assessment,choosing appropriate book levels for readers, reading engagement, reading stamina, online resources, and  reading research!  Yea!  

Here is a picture of Julie.


Susan blogs  so that she can share what she knows about children’s literacy, learning and literature.  She loves to share educational resources, and like Julie, she has many useful links for reading teachers, students and parents. 

 Here is a picture of Susan.

Jennifer Robinson blogs so that she can “provide encouragement, education, a sense of community, and of course book ideas.”  After reading about Jen, I realized that she is not a teacher, but her blog is better than many of the “reading teacher” blogs I have looked at thus far.  Her blog is chock full of information (I mean tons) about children’s literature.  I could have easily posted another link to another  “official” reading teacher, but as I stated before, I believe Jen’s blog is worth my time to subscribe to.  Here is a picture of Jennifer.  Obviously, she’s on the right.  🙂 

Since I am so new at blogging, I am not 100% sure how I am going to use blogging in my classroom.  I have seen numerous teacher blogs that use their space to let their students blog, which is an excellent idea.  Obviously, blogging is a great way to network and communicate with other educators.  It’s a great way to share ideas, thoughts, philosophies even lesson plans!  I did find a website that shared numerous “ways” you could use a blog in your classroom, but I am still not sure which ideas will work for me and my students.  (None right now, because my students do not have access to computers in my classroom.)  😦

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